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PivotGen develops and repowers renewable energy projects across North America. We are led by a management team with over 50 years of combined experience and offer innovative renewable energy solutions to a broad selection of industry stakeholders including project developers, utilities, OEM’s, project owners and asset managers. Our team shares a focus on achieving a sustainable energy future through strategic investing and is committed to projects that maximize benefits for all stakeholders.

Our mission

To help accelerate the transition to renewable generation through innovation and hustle.


Care for the environment is woven directly into everything we do and is core to our values. It’s who we are. We are focused on changing how the world gets its power, maximizing existing climate initiatives and ensuring local communities benefit from our activities. Our team is invested in sustainability, environmental and social justice and a livable world for generations to come.
We are only as strong as the team we deploy. At Pivot Power, we are deeply committed to fostering inclusion, diversity and equality in our office, at our job sites and through our partnerships. We are fortunate to work in an industry that is changing the world for the better. It only makes sense that our people reflect the world we are trying to build.
We are focused on executing on goals without losing sight of the big picture. We take initiative, and are accountable, responsible, and reliable. We honor the commitments we make to our customers, our team, and to the communities we work with.
Novel solutions are at the center of our business. We love to solve problems others might find too complicated intimidating. A track record of successful innovation leads us to be bold in pursuing paths that have never been explored.
Our team aspires always to do and be the best. We combine solid fundamentals such as honoring our commitments with a spark of innovation and a drive to deliver results. We continually challenge ourselves to grow and achieve more.
Within an industry of change, we not only embrace, but seek out the new, unique, and innovative. We harness transformation and steer it toward a better future.
No activity is without risk. Transparent discussion of concerns and fears means we are not blindsided by preventable issues. This level of openness leads us to determine what risks are prudent and motivates us to create thoughtful and deliberate mitigation strategies.
On every level, from our team to our world, we cultivate community. We strive for transparency which fosters trust, respect, confidence, and collaboration. This also means we support each other through successes and failures alike, constantly learning and growing. We appreciate the gifts we have been given, and the power we have to contribute to the creation of a better world.